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Escaping the Future

The seconds are ticking away. If he can’t turn back the clock, the human race is doomed.


Nic Walker is devastated. Forced to leave behind his best friends because his parents are moving, the bright twelve-year-old is determined that they all have one final adventure. So when they come across a time machine in a wrecked spaceship, a trip to the future seems like the perfect plan… until they discover they can’t get back.


Alarmed to learn they can only move forward, Nic finds them all trapped centuries ahead in a world of jetpacks and flying cars. And with each failed attempt to locate a wormhole and return them to when they belong, the twenty-first-century tween hurtles towards a war that will end humanity.


Can Nic overcome aliens and bring everyone home?


Escaping the Future is a thrilling middle-grade time travel adventure. If you like puzzling mysteries, strong friendships, and eye-popping science fiction settings, then you’ll love this captivating quest.


Buy Escaping the Future today to undo tomorrow!

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